Why You Should Invest In Video Marketing In 2020

Why You Should Invest In Video Marketing In 2020

January 9, 2020 2 By Damilola Olajiga

Do you know that video is the future of content in 2020? Almost every brand wants to have a feel of how video performs in their marketing strategy and I mustn’t deceive you, You need to invest in video marketing because 90% of audience would rather watch video than just view pictures now.

Audience no longer care about data consumption rather they invest in valuable information that they want to see. According to a reliable research, in 2019 generally videos performed way better than pictures and brands who used videos got more customers than those that didn’t.

The digital sphere has experienced alot of dramatic change in this last decade, people have moved from desktop to smartphones. They consume content on the go! (Note That) Digital technology has become really easy accessible.

Today, you can get a tablet or smartphone with plenty of valuable digital tools, including a small HD video camera, superfast Wi-Fi and 4G signals, and cloud-based, nearly unlimited storage space. As a result, the world of content marketing has undergone a fast-paced change.

In today’s fast-changing content marketing arena, video marketing is an innovative tool to help companies create valuable content and deliver well-crafted and tailored messages to their customers.

Below are 6 reasons to invest in video marketing.

1. Consumers Prefer Video Content

Consumer preference has played a major role in the rise in demand for visual content. According to SmallBizTrends, people share visual content 1200% times more compared to other forms of content. For this reason, companies that want to reach and engage more consumers are investing in video heavily. What’s more, consumers would rather watch a video than read a blog post.

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2. Video Marketing Reinforces Your Brand’s Message

Incorporating online visual content into your digital marketing strategy goes a long way in enhancing your brand’s message and helping your customers understand your company better. Video marketing allows you to leverage simple tools like branding and design as well as more sophisticated tools like content and voice to build your brand identity.

3. Video Content is Easy to Remember

HubSpot reports that 80% of consumers recall a video they watched at least a month ago. Unlike text-based content, videos consist of great visual and acoustic materials that are easy to remember. When clients recall your video, they also recall your company, translating to more leads and sales for you. Video marketing comes with the possibility of strengthening your online presence since customers tend to share videos they find entertaining or enjoyable.

4. Visual Content is Attractive

If the numbers of people creating, sharing, and watching videos are anything to go by, then videos are attractive. According to Forbes, making video part of your email marketing strategy can increase the rates of click-through by 200 to 300%. BBN Times, on the other hand, reports that people are likely to spend a significant amount of time on a site that features a video. What’s more, landing pages that incorporate video also register an 80% rise in conversion rates.

5. Video Content is Ideal for Consumption Across All Device

Responsive design is one of the major trends facilitating the rapid growth of the digital marketing landscape. When your content fails to work seamlessly on a certain browser system or device, your business will lose traffic and experience a drastic decline in conversion. Luckily, video content works well on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. This makes video consumer-oriented and user-friendly. It also expands its reach.

6. Videos Boost SEO Performance

Videos are effective in improving the SEO performance of your business. When people watch, enjoy, and share your videos, their reactions will boost the click-through rates of your website. Moreover, a high-quality and engaging video has the power of attracting customers and compelling them to visit your business’ homepage. Video can also improve your conversion rates, according to HubSpot, 39% of decision-makers get in touch with a vendor after watching a branded video.

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