Video Marketing: Advantages of Video Brochure

Video Marketing: Advantages of Video Brochure


Video brochures give you control of your message, which is important if you work in a sensitive area or you are sharing confidential information with clients.

If you are communicating to a group of specialists with classified data such as doctors, financial experts or security service personnel your digital video brochures can be password protected so that their content is only viewed by your target audience.

Our brochures are fully rechargeable using a USB cable which is supplied with each brochure. We offer a memory of up to 16GB to cater for the complexity of your video message and can fit the video brochure with an 8,000 milliamperes power bank to allow maximum available viewing time before the video brochure needs re-charging.

Video brochures can be produced in a variety of sizes according to market need.

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Here are some important advantages of video brochures you should know:

  • Digital video brochures can play your messages to your target audience without them having to plug it in or access the internet.
  • There is no complicated software download or installation process, viewers simply have to open the cover for the digital video brochure to start playing.
  • Once they do, you can present them with a multi-media experience which tells them about your business and your products.
  • We can help you adapt existing marketing materials for a digital video brochure, or we can develop new moving image content, including animation, should it be required.

We pride ourselves on producing quality digital video brochures. Our design and production process is as simple and seamless as possible.

We have a highly-experienced team, who not only understand your needs but also the technicalities of producing a digital video brochure.

As well as helping you build effective and impactful content, we can also design the packaging for your digital video brochure so that it reflects your company and product branding.

If you have your own designers, we can work with them and provide them with templates to ensure that the end result is a quality digital video brochure.