Video Brochures: Why Nigerian Businesses Need Them

Video Brochures: Why Nigerian Businesses Need Them

March 28, 2019 1 By Ngozi Odukwe

“We have exceeded our Sales limit and as such have no need for more clients,” says no organisation in Nigeria. On the other hand, having amazing products at best price ever does not guarantee sales.

A clear-cut strategy to improve sales is closer than you have ever imagined. Read on to see reasons for video brochures: Why Nigerian businesses need them.

Sales pitches usually end with an exchange of corporate materials like business cards or brochures and online links. Ensuring the materials are read and online links are visited are not within control.

Hence, most businesses have since thought of an easy way to persuade prospects and clients read those materials and visit those links for further discussion.

Our ability to proffer solutions that have helped brands has ignited our interest to do more in this regard.

Here are the reasons Nigerian businesses need video brochures:

Video Brochures: Why Nigerian Businesses Need Them

  1. Ease of Passing on Information about your Organisation to your Prospects and Clients. With video brochures, you can lead a horse to water and make it drink. Yes, you can be guaranteed that your materials are viewed with rapt attention. You can also be sure of a feedback from the client or prospect. What’s more? Video brochure is appealing to a wide range of audience.

2. Video Marketing is the Most Preferred of all Other Marketing Options. Customers always seek a new experience. Customers move with the trend.

Use of video brochures is a sure way to tailor your approach to suit yourcustomers’ preference for engagement with full-motion imagery and sound. It becomes clear that being customer-centric is not keeping up with the Joneses, its reality of 2018 businesses.

3. Portable and Irresistible Marketing Material. These video brochures are ultra slim 6mm and 100 g in weight. The LCD screen is embedded within printed brochures and comes in sizes 4.3’’ or 2.4’’. All these features make you a centre of attraction at your next sales pitch.

4. Ease of Use. Video clips of your organization start playing as the brochure is opened. So the reading of the texts and playing of video creates a more lasting impression of the message relayed.

The client or prospect, in this case, is saved the hassles of lengthy research to get to know more about your organization. The videos can be paused, played back or volume adjusted with buttons right on the brochures. One of the reasons for video brochures, right?

5. Long Rechargeable Battery Life. Video brochures come with a USB port and cable to recharge the batteries. Depending on usage, the batteries can last for over 3 days before next recharge.

6. Re-loadable Videos. One of the unique reasons for video brochures is that the video content can be changed to suit the occasion. This means you can reload videos saved in MP4, MPV or AVI format to suit different purposes while maintaining prints on the brochures. You may either reload completely or add a new video to the existing video.

Our clients do this themselves easily.

7. No Extra Precaution. If you have used a tablet without up high in the sky caution, then you can handle these brochures carefully. Just similar to the care given to your medium sized tablet.

8. Durable Brochures. “We have used and used and reused our brochures”, says one of our clients. It took our newsletter to remind this client that the brochure screen can be affected upon a major impact. Thanks to the durability of our Video on Paper brochures. It would have been a completely different ball game.

9. Unbeatable Quality. You are guaranteed that our video brochures are made with tested and trusted paper and video materials from Hong Kong to Nigeria. This is just to give you that 100% video on paper quality comparable to what you see at notable brands world over.

Why Video On Paper Video Brochures?

We keep to our word. We have a return policy. We give frequent updates. We could offer complimentary video production. Our customer experience is unparalleled. We ensure you have a nice adventure from content development to delivery of your very own brochures at your doorstep.

Ready to enjoy these reasons for video brochures? Ready to captivate your audience’s interest with video brochures? Contact us for a sample.