Video Brochure: How To Use Video In All Marketing Funnel

Video Brochure: How To Use Video In All Marketing Funnel

May 6, 2019 3 By Damilola Olajiga

Video is huge and you can delight your customers with it at every stage of your marketing. The most successful brands have used videos effectively in every stage of their marketing funnel to win over their customers and get better with their competitors.

Here’s how you can convert with video marketing:

For Awareness

Use videos to create awareness about your products, it will help generate massive engagement and convert. Connecting with new customers is probably the most natural way to use video in your marketing funnel. From ads to how-to’s to expert interview and conference recordings, video can be a great medium to connect with the people who stand to get the most out of using your solution.

Acquiring Leads With Video

Once the audience knows about your brand, it’s your goal to show them how your product can solve their problems. A video is one of the best tools to do that because it leaves a lasting impression on those who watch it.

A good product explainer video is one of the most valuable marketing assets you can have. Unlike the demo, the explainer is a low-cost way to demonstrate the power of your product as it can be placed readily available on your homepage for your audience to watch on their own terms.

Producing a good explainer can be challenging although you to have to make sure you put enough efforts in creating a very strong script that presents your work in the best possible way.

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Closing Leads Deals With Video

Video can be a really strong tool to provide the final push to those who’re considering purchasing your product.

Turning a stranger into a customer is all about connecting with them and earning their trust and video is the perfect medium to achieve that. However, it might be hard to think of the exact format to use when it comes to this.

Case studies and customer testimonials are among the strongest assets brands use to close customers. Turning them into video makes them even more persuasive and allows your audience to get to know and relate to other people who have succeeded by using the product you’re offering.

Entertaining Customers With Video Content

Supporting customers is the most obvious place for using video. Supplementing self-service options such as your knowledge base with animations and walkthroughs will allow customers to quickly resolve common issues, especially if you’re selling a complex product. However, a video has its place in your marketing plan even beyond that. It is perfect for demonstrating personality and desire to connect with your customers. The key here is to come up with initiatives which your customers aren’t expecting and that is most likely to leave a memorable impression on them.

Finding creative ways to implement video now, at every stage of the buyer’s journey, will help you cut the distance between your brand and your customers and shorten the time it takes to earn their trust.

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