How To Market Your School Business in 2019 and beyond

How To Market Your School Business in 2019 and beyond

April 8, 2019 21 By Ngozi Odukwe

Schools creatively attempt to distinguish themselves from other schools. The competition is such that no school wants to play the second fiddle. No one likes obsolete and ineffective school advertisement ideas

A saying goes that doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.

It, therefore, becomes imperative that to put your best foot forward and outshine others in the school business, a form of advertisement is key.

It is also important to consider how to market your school business in 2019 and beyond so you can tweak your school advertisement ideas. Are you ready?


school advertisement ideas

How To Market Your School Business in 2019 and beyond

Events Organisation

Schools leverage events to flaunt their best talents thereby gaining the attention of your targeted audience. While some attendees participate at these events to get school advertisement ideas, others participate to decide on the best school for their yet-to-be-enrolled wards.

The battle for school supremacy is seen at events as cultural days, career days, inter-house sports days, speech and prize giving days etc. The colours, designs, creativity, activities and glamour are usually out of this world.

At the end of the event, souvenirs are given to students/ pupils. You can make eyes pop with a video-on-paper gift.


school advertisement ideas

See why Nigerian businesses choose video on paper.

Use of Printed Materials

Schools also advertise themselves using brochures and business cards. Past events, awards, school facilities and their unique value proposition can be built into a flyer.

People who accept flyers, brochures, cards and other print materials feed their eyes and tuck them away into a drawer or the nearest dustbin. So, as good as these print materials are, they are becoming obsolete and ineffective. No one delights in ineffective marketing tools or do you?

Use of Video Prints

The eye-popping excitement of students shared by a client inspired this write up. This school had a challenge whereby 20% of parents misplace and 40% do not even bother to read the end of term newsletters. The school almost always had to reprint newsletters, holiday homework etc.

We converted the newsletters, school calendar and holiday homework into videos. We got some clips, nice information, pictures and sceneries of the school. Finally, as complimentary, we got Wole Soyinka’s “The Lion and The Jewel” video. These were saved as a video into our video brochures and given to each student at the end of the term.

school advertisement ideas

Long story short, the school smiled. The students smiled. The cost of printing and reprinting newsletters and holiday homework was removed from the school’s budget. The Lion and the Jewel video helped the lower classes perform better in their next term’s literature. The parents didn’t have to call the school to inquire about the school calendar.

It was not surprising when at the new term, there were more than the usual new intakes simply because of a tweak in advertising.

Are you wondering how you can put a tweak to yearbook, holiday homework, certain content to encourage group discussion/ activity, events agenda, a gift for your next event or special recognition award to outstanding students or parents? Are you tired of experimenting with rusty school advertisement ideas?


school advertisement ideas

All you need is a gift with a difference. A gift that will wow both the children and parents. Video prints are your surest bet.

Our video prints come as video business cards, video brochures and video box. There are buttons to put on, off and adjust volumes. The screens are LCDs and batteries have a long rechargeable life. The prints are permanent so whenever the videos are played, the prints leave a reminder to the user of your school. The videos can be changed easily by any user which makes your gift timeless.


school advertisement ideas

Do you want to have a sample of this top-notch marketing tool for your school? Get in touch.

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