10 Must Have Video Brochures to Relive your School Events

10 Must Have Video Brochures to Relive your School Events

April 16, 2019 32 By Ngozi Odukwe

Some events photographs are not just good enough to be buried in the midst of others. The usefulness of digital video brochures in helping schools re-live their events over and over again is undeniable.

Why have archives of pictures that do not appeal to the eyes? Why stack different albums when you can compress to stylish digital video brochures?

Are you looking for a way to avoid cluttering pictures of your most treasured events? Digital video brochures to the rescue!

Experience these 10 must-have digital video brochures to relive your school events.

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10 Must-Have Video Brochures to Relive your School Events

    1. Speech and Prize Giving day Brochure specifically reserved to archive your outstanding students’ photographs annually.
    2. Hall of Honour Brochure to recognise some trophies received locally, nationally or internationally over the years.
    3. Cultural Day Brochure: We always relish those cultural attires, foods and presentation and will always want to see these over and over while watching them on digital video brochures.
    4. Inter House Sports/ Career day Brochure
    5. Biography of Notable Founders or Staff is worth archiving too. Get a special video brochure to preserve biography of key founders/ stakeholders and their accomplishments. You would want to be celebrated in many years to come, not so?
    6. Special Events Brochure for excursion and visits to the zoo, national assembly, media houses and those special locations
      1.  digital video brochures
    7. Inter-School Competitions and Debates Brochure: To put your best foot forward, show how excellently you perform within and outside your school. That’s the message the competition brochure conveys.
    8. Notable School Information Brochure: Are there areas that have witnessed significant improvement over the years? Do you now have more buildings, change in type and quality of equipment in the Computer lab or other laboratories? These digital video brochures will create a “before meets after” impression to encourage your future school vision.
    9. The Orientation Brochures: Let the digital video brochures remind you of how many new intakes are admitted year by year. Relive your staff training sessions and those special moments in a fantastically creative way.
    10. Alumni Meetings Brochure: Communicating the right message to the right audience is key to getting the desired feedback. Which better way can you get your graduating class to enrol and participate in Alumni meetings? Make them proud of their alma mater with digital video brochures.

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There will always be children to be enrolled. There will always be the need to hunt for better schools. You will always need to give your children the very level of creativity you expect to get from them. One good turn will always deserve another.

Satisfy the requirements to achieve your bottom line. Spark your pupils’ or students’ interest in learning with your creative communication. Ignite the interest of anyone seeking a place to enrol a child without speaking a word. Prove to be who you say you are. Show that you are the one-stop school for all-round child education. Create eyes popping moments with your nicely displayed digital video brochures.

Are you ready to creatively relive your school events with these 10 must-have video brochures? Let us be your partner in this new journey. Book a consultancy session now.