5 Ways To Engage With Customers Using Videos

5 Ways To Engage With Customers Using Videos

November 19, 2019 0 By Damilola Olajiga

Video marketing can never go into extinction, every brand needs to add video to all their strategy because it’s a very useful tool that can be used to drive sales, generate leads and even for brand awareness.

Video content will always enhance communications, collaboration between sellers and buyers and even help drive new business ideas.


Email seems like a worthy destination for a video clip. I don’t know about you, but I’d be curious to click on it.


By now you’ve probably heard that Facebook is a good place to upload a company video.  However, what shows up in a user’s news feed is dependent on a number of news feed optimization factors referred to as EdgeRank. The good news is that video is one area that ranks higher and is more likely to bring a post onto someone’s news feed.

Key Influencers

Who are some of the key influencers in your industry? Can you do an interview with them? Reaching out to a key influencer to do a video interview is a great way to connect with someone well-known and respected in your field.

4 Benefits Of Video Marketing

Product Tours

Product tours are an excellent way to tell customers about your company’s products and services. If your product is web-based, it won’t cost a lot to create a video that explains the key features. Done well, product tours can be extremely influential.


Videos have become second nature for training. You can do distance-learning videos or record live sessions which can be uploaded for attendees to view once they’re back at their desks. As with all training, it’s best to try to edit them into shorter sections.

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