5 Video Storytelling Tips That Will Help Your Conversion

5 Video Storytelling Tips That Will Help Your Conversion

June 26, 2019 26 By Damilola Olajiga

When creating your video, start with a clear vision to attract the emotions of your viewers. Video is huge when it comes to marketing and you should consider including it in your strategy if you want to convert, brand awareness, get qualified leads and generate sales.

Video marketing has gone beyond the level of low turnout, in 2019 audience prefer to watch videos than read long texts. They easily get bored on texts so they will rather watch interesting long videos and even tend to share videos than texts, especially on social media platforms. A video is worth 1.8million words so note that there’s a lot of room for stories.

You have been wondering how to get started? Keep these storytelling tips in mind as you begin to craft stories for your brand:

 1.  Use Humor To Engage Your Audience

Touches of humor might be scarce especially when you are working on B2B but don’t hesitate to try a little humor to keep your audience glued to your page and it will be greatly effective when properly carried out. You don’t necessarily have to be formal every time you want to pass information, remember you are talking to real people so try to make them laugh and want to get more from you.

2. Be Creative

Be smart and creative with your video marketing production, you can even involve more hands if that’s what will help you sell and get effective brand awareness. Go out of your usual style to create unique content for your followers and trust me they will even appreciate it more than just a plain video.

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3. Use Visual And Sound

Sincerely, no one wants to watch boring videos anymore so take your time to add matching sounds and visuals so as to make it more catchy and interesting. Think about angles, colors, audio, and more work you need to put in place to make everything perfect.

4. Keep It Short And Snappy

Yes, we all know that people now prefer videos but we don’t want to see long videos especially in this era of costly data in Nigeria. Make your videos short, interesting and snappy. Let your audience watch your videos within minutes and willing to share with their friends.

5. Take Time To Think Before Production

Don’t just rush out information, take time to think of possibilities and get the obvious stuff out of the way. You can even try to have a brainstorming session where you have other peoples opinion about video content that will convert for your brand. Assess different ideas, try to figure out how they will work and choose the best that will work out well.

Think about all the tips above when next you want to create video content for your brand or contact us if you need more help