5 Reasons Why You Should Create Marketing Videos

5 Reasons Why You Should Create Marketing Videos

June 11, 2019 23 By Damilola Olajiga

What is video marketing? Most marketers/salespersons use video marketing as a term that covers different aspects of using video content to reach their desired target audience. Certainly, you might associate marketing content with sales; however, it might also be used to encourage website visits, email signups, or even to help improve some aspect of customer service.

Typically, internet video marketing plans cover all of these different areas of branding, increasing sales, and retaining and delighting customers. If you think about marketing this way, you can probably come up with dozens of topics that you could base video content upon.

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These are results from extensive studies from that should encourage you to begin producing this kind of content to help engage your audience:

Pages with videos are several times more likely to rank well on Google. Google also tends to rank YouTube content well.

Videos can help improve email click-through and open ratios. Just including the word “video” in the subject line can help increase open rates.

Several studies have found that sales pages that have videos convert better than those without. There may be several reasons for this, but videos may help keep visitors on a page longer. Also, people like visual content.

Having video can open up internet platforms that text or simple photos can’t reach. YouTube is an obvious example, but there are others. Also, videos tend to convert and engage well on all social networks, even those that aren’t only oriented towards video.

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