5 Most Effective Ways To Use Video Brochures

5 Most Effective Ways To Use Video Brochures

May 28, 2019 28 By Damilola Olajiga

Video Brochures is the new thing which your brand needs to stand out. Companies are now involving video brochures in their marketing funnel because it helps in different stages of marketing. Video brochures can be used for tutorials, testimonials, explanations or even showcasing of products and services.

Here are the very best ways we consider you can use video brochures

  • Gaining Repeat Business: Emails, phone calls, and face-to-face visits are effective ways for companies to keep in touch with their customer base. However, some customer bases are far too big for those strategies to work well enough. An excellent strategy for companies to use in those circumstances is to send video brochures. Not only do they make messages more impressive, but they also seem to tell customers how important they are and how much they are valued in a company’s eyes.
  • Launching new products or services: When companies launch new products or services, they’re essentially taking a risk that their new product or service will generate enough business to make it all worth their while. Without a doubt, it’s especially important that the very best ways possible are used to introduce their new offerings to their most likely customers. From what we’ve seen, there aren’t many better ways to grab attention and ensure messages get heard than using video brochures.

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  • Training: Training makes a huge impact on how well professionals perform their work. Often, companies need to train people in large groups but finding an ideal time and place to do so seems very inconvenient. On top of that, training can be expensive. The advantage video brochures provide is that people aren’t required to travel or even leave their work stations to watch them. Also, video training is sometimes more effective than live training because viewers can watch whenever it is best for them and companies can ensure the presentations are exactly how they want them to be.
  • Handouts at Exhibits and Fairs: Communicating with prospects around an exhibition stand can be difficult. Product samples and demos are necessary, and it may not even be possible to have an adequate conversation with every prospect who stops by. Fortunately, handing out video brochures provides an effective way to increase the number of people who receive an engaging sales pitch. Then, whether they want to talk to you at that time or not, you can feel confident your company gave them a marketing piece with enough information to impress them and almost guarantee they’ll contact you if they’re interested.
  • Selling: Video brochures peak interest and capture attention. They get treated with more respect and receive more attention from receptionists and mailroom clerks, and they’re practically impossible for decision-makers to ignore. What’s more, they get shared among decision-makers and people who influence them, which means more people hear a company’s message first-hand, and they sometimes even make sales themselves.

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