5 Important Steps To Video Marketing Strategy That Works

5 Important Steps To Video Marketing Strategy That Works

April 2, 2019 0 By Damilola Olajiga

Every business is beginning to take up video marketing to promote their products. Video has always been in existence but with less focus until 2017 when findings revealed that most audiences prefer to watch than to read.  To fully grab the attention of your audiences, your content has to be educative, informative and entertaining.

You can generate leads and gain massive sales with video marketing and it’s an all-trend that has built to last. Video is now an essential part of performance marketing for every business, especially with an online presence. Video marketing covers all the marketing strategy part from top to bottom.  You need to approach your video marketing methodically with a performance mindset.

So let’s move into the step-by-step ways to create a video marketing strategy built for success.

1. Know Your Right Audience: Choose your right audience for your brand then focus on content that suits and they will always want to see. Know where they spend time online when they are always online and how much time they spend online. Focus on finding a solution to their problems and if possible consider profiling each target audience based on ideal customer. Consider that they need your product and you meet each market need. Have a look at your competition, if possible do some followings to know how they are getting it right than you. Also, you need to survey and research thoroughly.

2. Make Your Video Short And Direct: Since you know that most of your audience has limited time watching videos then make it simple, short and direct to the point. When deciding on your goal you need to first consider if your video is for branding, for lead generation, to promote a specific sale or to announce a big piece of news, among other things. Once you have settled on that, you can then clarify the content that will be most effective to get that message across.


3. Get It Right: It’s ideal to break your month down into categories. You want to execute 1 branding video per week that shows off your business to every customer and can be run as an acquisition or re-marketing asset. Then you’ll add in any special sales or promotions. This category can include a teaser video, a video for the sale itself and a final “last call” video right before your promotion is over. Next, you can add any special campaigns and/or offline event videos into your monthly plan. And finally, sprinkle in at least 1 video a week that is playful and is created specifically for the goal of engagement.

4. Use Your Brand Language: Devise your brand language, no two brands are alike so before creating your video content write down what you want to known and remembered for. Then you can begin the creation process and don’t forget to add inquiry to your agenda. Clarify the style and tone of your company’s communication. Every element of your video should be fun and offer value.

5. Test And Compare: Before the final release of your video, you need to test, compare with previous ones or your competitors’ to detect loopholes or grammatical blunders. As you keep creating more videos, you get the opportunity to measure the level 0f engagement and your level of ROI. Video has moved from an added element of a marketing strategy to an imperative piece of your content creation. Luckily, there are online tools that guide business owners, marketing gurus and social media managers from creation to execution with ease.

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