10 Innovative Video Marketing Trends For 2020

10 Innovative Video Marketing Trends For 2020

November 13, 2019 0 By Damilola Olajiga

Each year, every brand experience video trends as they come and go. While it may not be wise to jump onto trends too quickly, it’s good to keep an eye over them as you continue your quest to optimize your video marketing.

So far this year, we’ve seen some trends ramp up, and others start to fade away. It can be hard to keep up, so we’ve done the work for you. These are the video trends to keep an eye on in 2020.

1. Facebook Live may be dead, but live video lives on

Facebook Live was one of the biggest busts of 2017. In fact, not many of Facebook’s video initiatives have garnered great results for video creators. Facebook Live, Facebook Watch, and regular auto-playing Facebook videos have seen publishers chasing views and following this prophecy without great results, resulting in the complete shut down of some of them.


2. Videos will become “shoppable”

Another trend that’s picking up steam is “shoppable videos.” These are video ads that feature links to products within the world of the video. Instagram Stories and Snapchat feature a lot of these, but the technique is becoming more sophisticated. It’s reasonable to predict that you’ll soon be able to buy products or get links to them by interacting with those objects within a video. If there’s a chair featured on screen, you may be able to hover over it and find out more about that particular model and where to get it. The same may go for a mobile phone that’s being reviewed in a YouTube video.


3. Interactive 360 video technology will expand

The interactive 360 video is a huge trend at the moment. Through it, I’ve been able to experience broadway musicals, sports games, and iconic locations. It’s the kind of immersive, futuristic video style we’re expecting to see a lot more of as AR and VR continue to grow in usage. And it’s something that, if you’re ambitious enough, you may want to try yourself.


4. 1:1 video experiences will continue

While software like Google Hangouts and Zoom have been improving their video conferencing ability drastically, video experiences featuring just one person talking to another person live still have a place—and this type of experience is positioned to grow. The ability to see another person and to share screens lends itself quite nicely to technical support. Beyond that, it can also be a good way to teach.


5. Everyone will be vlogging

Vlogging is one of those video genres that’s easy to poke fun at but hard to ignore. As many changes as video platforms like YouTube have gone through, vlogging continues to grow. Now you have YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat as popular blogging platforms. With the addition of live streaming as a feature, vloggers are diversifying the type of content they present. In some cases, they’re turning live streaming into their weekly or daily vlogging content and creating more polished videos that drop on YouTube once a week or once a month.


6. Videos will be easily searchable

Just as social networks have integrated video into their core offerings so too have search engines like Google. Over the past few years, videos have inched closer to the top of organic search results on both desktop and mobile pages. This will make the video even more important to effective search optimization for brands and businesses.


7. Training and education videos will expand

Training and education are already a huge sector of the internet that utilizes video. Think Masterclass, Skillshare and even video tutorials you can find for free on YouTube, or that get charged for through various sites on the internet. This trend will continue to grow, as I suspect brands and businesses that sell products will start creating their own content to teach people how to use their products.


8. There’ll be more “stories”

As mentioned in the vlogging section of this article, ephemeral stories, as in stories that only exist for a certain period of time, have become a new form of vlogging. Because they’re mostly done at the moment, and are low-fi and don’t require editing, they’ve lowered the bar for people who have always wanted to be video personalities. If you’re an Instagram or Snapchat user, you’ve probably noticed that some of your friends have become amateur video personalities.


9. More platforms with more video 

As more video platforms get introduced, the preferences for video dimensions, whether your video is in square, horizontal, or vertical format, will expand. With Snapchat and Instagram Stories, vertical video has increased its popularity dramatically. In fact, YouTube and Facebook video support it.


10. We’ll all be watching silent videos

When Facebook introduced its autoplay feature, which automatically plays videos within your stream with no sound, it was a game-changer. Although it later admitted that it was counting a minimal amount of seconds as full views, no matter how long or short the video was, the idea of watching videos without sound caught on.

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